Mailinator on TestGuild’s Automation Testing Podcast

TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast

The name ‘Joe Colantonio’ is well known in the automation testing field. Joe worked for many years as a software test automation engineer and became an expert in the industry while working for a Fortune 100 company. Joe founded Test Guild, an organization dedicated to educating its audience on everything to know about testing. He posts how-to’s, great articles and interviews industry leaders on his podcast.

Our team had the chance to join him on the Automation Testing Podcast for an episode to discuss how Mailinator helps QA testers with their email and SMS workflows. Surprisingly to us, it was the first time in over 400 interviews that he had covered the topic!

The podcast covers some of the history of Mailinator; from its origins and first instances, through the growth of the free service, to its maturation and the evolution of a private Enterprise version. We also discussed things like the development of Mailinator’s API, its usefulness for test automation, and the value of end-to-end workflow testing. Additionally, Joe asked about some of Mailinator’s features, like SMS and our rule-base automation. The discussion also covered our Verified Pro plan as well as some future developments.

We’d like to thank Joe for being such a great host. It really was fun for us to talk about automation testing, and it was a great introduction to the Test Guild community. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

– The Mailinator Team

If you or someone you know is passionate about testing and would like to help Mailinator develop relationships throughout the testing community, please let us know! Email us with the Dev Rel in the subject line.

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