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Mailinator API: A Guide

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Testing Emails Using our new “Run in Postman” button

  • Message API – Fetch an inbox, message, message links or attachments, delete message(s)*
  • Stats API – See usage information for your team, such as how many SMS or Emails you sent on a given day
  • Domains API – Usage stats for all domains you have registered** (e.g. @test.testinator.com and @qa.testinator.com)
  • Rules API – Set, disable, enable, delete and get all current rules such as (see rules section for more information)

This allows you to make tests which are more atomic and less flaky, by interacting with email at the API level.

Run in Postman

Click the new Run in Postman button below to fork our Public Mailinator Postman Collection and Environment Variables. Once you’ve filled in the variables with your own information (API token etc.) you should be good to start using the Mailinator API for your testing!

Run in Postman
Run In Postman Button

And here is another essential guide tutorial video to walk you through how the “Run in Postman” button, and our Mailinator API collection itself works.

We hope you enjoy using our Mailinator API. If you have any feedback or feature requests, please comment below.

*You can even use a partial wildcard. If you want to return multiple inboxes e.g. test* will return test, testing, testing123982985 etc.

**If you are a Verified Pro and Business user you get a single domain. Multiple domains are available to Business Plus and Enterprise customers.

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